Friday, April 30, 2010

Culture Jamming A Crime?

There are many that feel culture jamming is a crime. Many people feel culture jamming is a destruction of our modeled culture. People probably feel that way because it is not a clean, cut view that we are use to. Culture jamming is racy, edgy, and risky. I argue that culture jamming is not a crime. If people say culture jamming is a crime, so is the mainstream media. The mainstream media destroys our opinions and personal feelings. Shouldn't that be a crime. I mean we go to school everyday to learn and to have our own views on life. The mainstream media contradicts that. Don't they? Culture jamming expresses what we have been taught since we were little to have a mind of our own, to speak up for ourselves.
Many people also question if should culture jamming be illegal. I can understand how some culture jamming is destruction of a persons property and in that case it should be illegal (for example: on buildings, billboards). However, if you culture jam using your own medium and your own space there is nothing wrong with that. There is nothing wrong with expressing your divergent opinion on a public domain, or property that is yours. Isn't that what the media is doing, expressing an idea or a view on their property?

Now that you know what I think, What do you think? Is culture jamming a crime? Should it be illegal?

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