Sunday, April 25, 2010

Interacting Public Spaces Model

As I was doing the research for my paper on Culture Jamming for Convergent Media and Divergent Voices with Professor Proctor, I cam across a model that was very representative of the media today. The model is called Interacting public spaces. This model basically expressed culture jammers and small corporations (the individual) vs. the mainstream media and corporations( the state and the economy).

The extreme left of the model portrays the anti-corporations, the anti-centralized view, and the anti-common forms (Ant-Sphericules: going against the corporate identities). Next to that we have the people who are not controlled by anyone or entities (the government, the media, corporations). They are the Autonomous Sphericules (which means not controlled by outside forces). They think for themselves.As we move towards the right of the model we see the Counter Sphericules. The Counter Sphericules are the ones who are opposite of the corporations. They try desperately to not conform towards the mainstream view but yet they cannot help it. Lastly, to the far right, is the Democratic Public Sphere (which is the location of the mainstream media). In this area we also have the state and the economy.

In my opinion, the corporations have the upper hand and they want to keep as much power in their hands as much as they can. People cannot help but to gravitate towards, we are led to believe that consumerism is the right way to go. How pitiful is that? But we all do it. The culture jammers job is to detract attention away from the mainstream and the state and the economy. They have very different extremist views.
I feel that more and more every day there is more and more of an attention away from the mainstream with the internet and more and more culture jammers.

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