Monday, April 26, 2010

USA Surpasses All the Genocide Records!

This photo was created by George Maciunas, an artist, a culture jammer, who was apart of a movement called Fluxus.

This artwork was done in 1965. This photo is a form of political culture jamming art. It expresses in a divergent way, how the U.S. was horrified by the Holocaust (for example) and the amount of deaths that resulted in it. Yet, we are doing the same thing to citizens in other countries during wars. It may not be to that extent or in that method of death but we still are killing people. This photo can still be applicable in society today and it would still get the same reactions and response. This voice would certainly not even be approached by the mainstream today. It is a subject that the mainstream news or any type of media would even touch on.

I feel this photo was a very alternative way of getting to the point. What makes it so moving is that it is on an American flag. What normally would be stars is death skulls, what normally would be stripes is the death rates other countries death rates we surpassed.

To read more about the reasoning for this culture jam go here

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