Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Just Seeds Artists' Cooperative

Today, I came across this website titled:
Just seeds is an online community formed by a group of activists/artists who present everyday occurences through different media tools online. They do sell their work but their work is radical. Their work informs people about the decentralized views. I believe they are run bottom up. They want to make a change. Culture jamming with an alternative voice is to express yourself with the hopes of making a change in the thing your jamming. Their message states "We believe in the power of personal expression in concert with collective action to transform society."- Just seeds formed in 1998. Therefore you can infer their a fairly new culture jamming community. All of the community members are fairly young. Which brings me to say that I feel culture jamming is a fairly new form of anti-mainstream activism. After viewing some of the art work/jams that are on their websites, I feel their messages are hidden very well. When I looked at a alot of the images earlier, I realized that they are not average images represented in society, but I could not pinpoint exactly what they were jamming. Maybe I am not as informed as others? Or not as informed to the images represented in culure jamming? I would suggest you take a look and see for yourself and then let me know what you think. -

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