Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Introduction to Culture Jamming

According to the Alternative Media Handbook, “Culture Jamming is reworking media images and forms to make a political or cultural statement."
"Culture jamming is an intriguing form of political communication that has emerged in response to the commercial isolation of public life. Practitioners of culture jamming argue that culture, politics, and social values have been bent by saturated commercial environments, from corporate logos on sports facilities, to television content designed solely to deliver targeted audiences to producers and sponsors. Many public issues and social voices are pushed to the margins of society by market values and commercial communication, making it difficult to get the attention of those living in the "walled gardens" of consumerism. Culture jamming presents a variety of interesting communication strategies that play with the branded images and icons of consumer culture to make consumers aware of surrounding problems and diverse cultural experiences that warrant their attention." -Center for Communication and Civic Engagement

In my opinion culture jamming is a revolt against the mainstream media to make an impact. It deals with people who want to revolt against the norm to make people more aware of an important issue that they are misinformed by the mainstream. It can be a poltical, cultural, social, satirical, etc... opposition to an issue.


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