Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jamming the War on Terror

These media hoaxes were obviously done right around September 11, 2001. These photos are culture jamming art at its finest. The first two images obviously mock George Bush, Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein...etc. There is probably a deaper meaning to these jams but I feel it is stating that former president George Bush messed our country up and now we are in a war in/with Iraq and Afganistan. It is obvious that Bush is not well liked by these culture jammers which means they also just wanted society to see how they feel. These photos I am sure have gone mainstream as well as many other forms of culture jamming that mock former President Bush. Therefore why not put him as a "terrorist." It is an image society is not use to seeing their former President of the U.S. in. It is a recreation and a mockery of his normal image. I mean isn't that the definition of culture jamming anyways?

As for the last photo, George Bush during his presidency was always seen on his ranch. Non-supporters say that he was on vacation or at his ranch more than he was at the white house. He is often known as a president who did not do much except worsen our state of being. The culture jammer who created this photo was obviously not a supporter of Bush at a time during his presidency. I am going to assume the person who created this was a democrat or a liberal, speaking their mind on how they do not support the president. Now, I could be completely wrong but I feel most mainstream media entities (whether they support Bush or not)did not touch upon Bush in this sort of negative way like he is seen in these images. This is what makes a divergent voice throughout culture jamming. It means to speak your mind, to create awareness, to let others know their opinions matter. This is done in these images whether it is obvious or not.
Then again what do I know?

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