Sunday, May 2, 2010

Wooster Collective

Wooster Collective is a culture jamming blog created in 2001. This blog has pictures, writings, and videos portraying culture jamming. The blog is bottom up run. The people who run it are a group of people/activists from New York City who see culture jamming movements in person or find online and post it to the blog. They mainly focus on street art.
"Wait- what exactly is street art?
Street art is art created in public places, often without permission. Street art is made in a number of mediums, including stencils, stickers, posters, paint, and sculpture. In mathematical, political, criminal, and philosophical terms, streetart is a subset of graffiti" - Streetsy (which is also Wooster Collective's affiliate).
Wooster collective seems like a popular alternative community for people to come together and express what they see. It seems like a culture jamming community which is a really cool concept. It reminds me of the blog we have for my Convergent Media and Divergent Voices class. A place where everyone can come together and inform eachother. Alot of the things I see on Wooster are not as crude or as racy compared to Ron English or Adbuster's. It seems more like art to me and very subtle messages. I appreciate what I have seen. I think what they have to offer is definitely alternative and a form of jamming but unlike others I have seen.

Check it out and let me know what you think: Wooster Collective

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