Monday, May 3, 2010

The Fall Of Autumn

I disovered Fall Of Autumn on a blog created for my class I mentioned earlier: Convergent Media Divergent Voices. As you may realize, I have very interested in culture jamming as a divergent voice. Therefore, when I saw the link to this website I had to visit it. Fall Of Autumn is an online zine. They seem to target all forms of culture jamming (politics, pop-culture, humor). The site seems like they are not afraid to go outside the boundaries. Something hilarious that I saw posted on there is a video mocking the Now That's What I Call Music cds (being that there is literally 5million of them). I do not know how they manage to keep producing these cds, but anyways, there is a mock commercial called Now That's What I Call EMO. You can check it out here. I think it is awesome that this zine explores different types of culture jamming that I have not really seen. The site has videos, podcasts, writings, their zine, forum ( a great place for a people to come together and express themselves or discuss the jamming they have seen), blogs, and they even have hangman. This is a very unique jamming approach. I believe this is a culture jamming site because it does not express a mainstream message, it is a combination of anti-mainstream activist methods.

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