Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Moving Images

Throughout my research I discovered an independent film community called moving images. Moving images seems to have a bottom up run community. "Moving Images Distribution's mandate is to actively promote Canadian culture and the recognition of film as an art form through the distribution of film and video created by its membership of Canadian independent producers. A not-for-profit organization registered in British Columbia, Canada, our activities are supported primarily by the earned income from the distribution of our members' work, with supplementary funding from The Canada Council's Media Arts Section and BC's Ministry of Small Business, Tourism and Culture." - Moving Images The reason I mention this film distribution community is because in 2001 they released a culture jamming film. It is about a revolt against commercial culture which what this whole blog stands for. The film brings up issues of the mainstream, and the individual to prove that our minds are polluted by commercialized culture.

"Ultimately, theirs is a war of meaning that uses the tools of the media to rewire the message. Will Disney's Mickey Mouse represent a "world of laughter" or will he become the anti-Christ symbolizing "sweatshop labour practices." The verdict of public perception lies in the battle between their guerilla tactics and the billion-dollar PR campaigns they combat.

Hard hitting, controversial, wacky and engaging, this film captures the drama of jammers in action and asks some vital questions: Is Culture Jamming civil disobedience? Senseless vandalism? Or the only form of self-defense left?" - Moving Images

This here proves that culture jamming can be used in films (mainly documentaries) but it is still another form of media that takes on the important movement.

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