Tuesday, May 4, 2010

More Culture Jamming iImages

As most know, culture jamming is a revolt against the mainstream view. Culture jammers say what people are afraid to throughout images, artwork, music, films, writing, blogs...etc. Throughout this blog I have discovered many images that culture jam against the mainstream. A culture jamming photo that I can appreciate that I came across deals with the revolt of brands represented in the mainstream. The first photo is a perfect representation of society we work, we buy, we consumer, we die. I can totally relate to that because I am guilty of that. I think most people can say the same. In this image, popular brands we see everyday in the media are used to convey this message. I think that is really brilliant of the jammer. Especially since this is a concept we use everyday in our lives. I like how someone makes fun of that. This is a fight against corporations and mainstream brands.

The second image is pretty self-explanatory. Pepsi is full of sugar, and as we all know the more sugar you have the more weight your going to gain. America is a country that is obese, this image is also a mockery of America. I know a lot of people who have eliminated soda from their diets and lost a lot of weight in a fast amount of time. Therefore, this new image of pepsi advertisements is taken to the next level and to prove that we as consumers are made fun of for the way we consume. We are a country of over consumption. I feel this recreation of the pepsi advertisement is well done and it proves a strong point. I think it is humorous and I have no problem making fun of our culture and society like the culture jammer here does.

There are many ways to portray revolts against corporate brands and I think the ones shown in this blog are a great representation of culture jamming of brands. What do you think? What are some you feel relay a strong subverting message?


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