Sunday, May 2, 2010

Culture Jamming in Music?

I have recently discovered that there are many bands who have songs that are technically forms of culture jamming. In fact, in 1984, a band called Negativland coined the term culture jamming in a song on its album release of JamCon '84. Their idea for the word culture jamming came from the term radio jamming which means public frequencies on the rated that are pirated or subverted for independent communication.

Anyways, you may not notice but culture jamming is in plenty of songs out there.
Negativland is a perfect example of culture jamming in a song. Negativland and several other bands released something called a napster bomb. A napster bomb is a bad song that contaminates the napster community. With these napster bombs, several bands recorded the same song changing the title slightly to the point that the eye cannot blatantly notice it. The original song title was "rocked by rape" They released these songs on a record label/band called Evolution Controlled Creations/Committee (ECC). Along with the series of "rocked by rape," they released other napster bombs by other artist under different title other than "rocked by rape" one being: CBS is Dumb by Chumbawumba. They have also created many other songs with culture jamming. People would download these songs, see them listen to them, and see them linked by ECC and realize they have been hacked. The ECC goes against the mainstream ways of buying cds and non-copyright infringement.

The Evolution Control Committee is a band that began in 1986 and is known for copyright infringement of music. On their website it says: "Welcome to The Evolution Control Committee. We've been creating illegal music since 1986, when copyright infringement was done the hard way." -

ps. when searching for these songs on youtube, which are all listed on, they were no where to be found.

I personally think culture jamming in music is awesome. When I think of culture jamming I do not think of music as a location for the movement. I never thought that songs I listen to everyday being possibly art of the culture jamming movement. Now that that I think about it there are probably lots of hidden messages or lots of revolts against the mainstream in many songs. Now I need to keep an eye open for it. Putting culture jamming subverted in songs is a brilliant way to spread your message.

The series of "rocked by rape" napster bombs are only a small amount of culture jamming in songs. See what songs you listen to have culture jamming or could have culture jamming in it and post it here!


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