Monday, May 3, 2010

As you can see my blog focuses majority on culture jamming websites or movements I find on the internet. The internet is a great space for culture jammers to express themselves because there are less gatekeepers which means there is an easy way of getting your messages out. I personally feel the internet is the best media tool a culture jammer can use to express themselves and get their messages out there. It is a great place for up and coming culture jammers. During my research I came across is a new website that is launching this year. Their goal is to make a difference. The site states "Culture Jam is a collection of groundbreaking concepts centered around creating a new value proposition for digital content creators and their fans. If you create culture for your fans, or if you are a fan of culture, Culture Jam will soon be your online destination of choice. Launching in 2010, Culture Jam will change the way content is distributed and consumed online. Stay tuned…the paradigm will shift." I think that message that the "paradigm will shift" gives hope to all culture jammers or people who do not agree with the mainstream. If gives people the opportunity to have a different channel of getting your voice out. They will express someone culture in a divergent way. seems like they are a promotion company that is not for promoting through mainstream media sources which is really admirable. They do seem to have some kind of affiliation with twitter though (which obviously is a mainstream site). They have a blog in which people send in different mediums in which culture jamming is represented. I think they are hoping that others will join the non-mainstream movement. Do you think they are divergent or even culture jammers? Since they are still new and it is hard to decifer...What do you think their goal is? If you would like to check the website out go here To check out the blog go here


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