Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mcdonald's Subvertisements

Now I realize alot of my posts have been related to artists and are analization of photos but I feel that an image can say alot and that their can be many different meanings regarding them. I feel images are a huge part of culture jamming. One corporation that tends to be mocked often is Mcdonald's. Mcdonald's has been a part of mostly everyones lives since they were little. I know when I was little if I got a good grade I was going to Mcdonald's, if I had a day off or a half day I would go to Mcdonald's. Now what people do not care to understand is that this place where we had memories is still apart of our lives and yet it is still is a corporation that is taking our money. Yes, they have ridiculously cheap prices and there food tastes good but, what is in that food? who really makes it? where does the profit go? certainly not to better tasting food.

In the first image presented it expresses that we constantly give this corporation (Mcdonald's) our business, time, and money. Yet, the food is terrible for us, and eating it often leads to us either feeling sick after it or even getting food poisoning. Yet the name Mcdonald's is instilled in our heads because of memories and it is constantly mentioned in the mainstream. This image is a revolt against people around the globe who constantly give Mcdonald's business. (I am embarrassed to say I one of them.)

The second image is a mocking of how society is feeding on fast food (not only Mcdonald's) and how we are an obsese country because of fast food. I mean not everyone is but there are alot of people who constantly give fast food restauraunts like Mcdonald's business and they becoming overweight. There are alot of people who eat Mcdonald's a few times a week. Imagine what that will do to you? We are making Mcdonald's overweight in money consumption but we are gaining weight and become unhealthy and giving away our money. I believe this image is an awakening to society. I believe it's underlying message is "America you are fat." We have become a fast food nation and I feel this culture jammer understands that.

The third image represents a culture jammer who illegally spray painted a Mcdonald's billboard advertisement to portray their revolts. In this culture jammed image presented Mcdonald's is proven to be a money driven entity.The addition to glory (hole) to me means. They are about consumerism. They are the most popular fast food restauraunt obviously they only have one thing in mind (no it is not our happy little faces when we get our meals), it is MONEY.

What is your opinion about Mcdonald's and other fast food restaurants? Do you think they are money driven?



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